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Dalmatian zagora – Drniš

Beautiful vineyard in Drnis

You were under than impression that in Croatia you can enjoy only sea and see Game of Thrones filming sights?

Dalmatian zagora - Drniš

You were under than impression that in Croatia you can enjoy only sea and see Game of Thrones filming sights? Not true! Croatia is full of interesting places and experiences for your eyes, nose and tongue. In this small review we are going to write about city of Drniš. It is just thirty kilometers away from Šibenik but its surely a worth visit place. Read on 😉

Traditional Croatian dish Peka being prepared in Drinis


The Drniš region has a rich history, with archeological remains dating back to the Paleolithic period. In ancient times, this was the dividing line between the Illyrian tribes of Liburna and Delmata. In the Middle Ages, the core of the first Croatian state was formed in these areas. The first written mention of Drniš dates back to 1494. In the XV century the Turks invaded, under whose rule the Drniš region remained until the end of the 17th century. Today, it is a beautiful place to visit, with a rich history to explore.

The period between the 15th and 17th centuries was marked by frequent battles between the Turks and the Venetians. Venetians were occasionally gaining the upper hand. Drniš was a large town during this time, with 200 to 300 households, a water supply system, bridges, and five mosques. In the 13th century, Venetian rule arrived in Drniš, and in the 19th century the city center was built, including a square, a palazzino, and a quarter. Today, Drniš is a lovely city to explore. 

It is worth mentioning that in XVIII century, when it was under Austrian rule. Drniš also became part of France for a brief period before returning to Austrian rule. During this time, Drniš developed rapidly, with brown coal mines opening and railway connections being established to nearby Šibenik and Split. Education also became a priority, with continuous teaching being introduced in primary schools. Other notable developments include the founding of the Drniška Glazba, the Slavjanska narodna čitaonica, and the Hrvatski sokol.

Be sure to see the City Museum of Drniš. In 1923, during the SHS Kingdom, Drniš received electricity, and in 1925. the construction of the railway to Zagreb was completed and telephony was introduced. After II. World War and the period of socialist Yugoslavia, Drniš again experienced suffering in the Homeland War (1991-1995). After spending four years in exile, the people of Drniš return to their homes and rebuild the city.

People enjoying eating traditional Croatian dished prepared for them in Drnis

Drniš prosciutto

Drniš prosciutto is a world-renowned delicacy, prized for its unique flavor and quality. The Drniš region is famous for its micro-climatic conditions which create the perfect environment for producing this delicious prosciutto. With a history dating back 1500 years, Drniš prosciutto is a true culinary tradition.

Today, it is still made using the same methods that have been passed down for generations, ensuring that each piece is of the highest quality. If you’re looking for a truly special prosciutto, look no further than Drniš. This ham was even served at the coronation celebration of Queen Elizabeth II in 1952. To celebrate the queen’s golden jubilee, the City of Drniš gave her a gift of Drniš prosciutto. The mayor received a letter of thanks from Her Majesty, which is kept in the Drniš City Museum.

Drniš prosciutto from 2012 is a Croatian product with protected geographical origin, certified by the Ministry of Agriculture. Enjoy its authentic flavor and quality.

Beautiful view of a vineyard in Drnis

Cheese out of "Mišina"

Mishina sheep cheese—a delicious, autochthonous product from the Drniš area. This cheese gets its unique taste from fermentation in a bag made of specially treated sheepskin, a process that takes two months. Try it today and see what you’ve been missing! This cheese is like no other.

The technological production process results in a full and expressive taste that delights all cheese lovers. The season for consumption of this cheese begins in late spring and ends at the end of summer. Don’t wait too long to try it! You can buy it directly from small producers at farmers markets and fairs, or taste it in local restaurants. Today, Mishina cheese is also produced from cow’s milk. This variant has a slightly milder aroma and a lower proportion of milk fat, but consumers also appreciate it.

So next time you’re in the mood for cheese, be sure to try sheep’s cheese for a unique and flavor-packed experience.

Traditional Dalmatian plate with ham and cheese prepared for our guests

Tours to Drniš

If we caught your interest and you would like to visit the city of Drniš and try all that it has to offer than stay tuned for our tours! Soon we are going to publish a tour that takes you to the area of Šibenik and Drniš.

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