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Privacy policy

Sunny tours j.d.o.o. obrt za usluge acknowledges and appreciates your right of confidentiality of data and undertakes to preserve the security of data which is collected via www.sunnycroatia.net.

Sunny tours j.d.o.o. collects, processes and saves your personal information in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable regulations. Data will not be passed on to third parties or exported to third countries except in the case of the need for realization of contracted services (eg accommodation, airline, carrier, insurance).

We will consider that further use of www.sunnycroatia.net represents your acceptance of all of the conditions described below.

Your personal informations are collected and used only on the basis of the data you voluntarily give to Max Nautica obrt za usluge (registration, personal information such as: first name, last name, gender, country, contact number, e-mail, date and year of birth) or by using www.bluelagooncroatia.com. Collected personal information is kept in electronic form and all appropriate technical and organizational measures are applied to prevent personal data violations. Received emails with your personal information Max Nautica obrt za usluge will only use it for the purpose of meeting your requirements.

When booking excursions, trips or Max Nautica obrt za usluge services, you will need to write the personal informations of the reservation holder that must be 18 + years old (eg name, address, contact phone, etc.) and other user’s information (eg name, date of birth). Only the necessary informations for the realization of the service will be available exclusively to the partners in the realization of accommodation, transportation, insurance and travel companions.

Payment details (eg bank card number, expiration date) are specifically protected and will only be available to banks or card holders for payment authorization.

Please note that registration at www.sunnycroatia.net is allowed only to persons over the age of 18. When registering on the www.sunnycroatia.net the user independently chooses the password and accordingly is responsible for its protection and the prevention of abuse by third parties.

Cookies allow Sunny tours j.d.o.o. collecting statistical data of user behavior at www.sunnycroatia.net (eg, in which parts of the Internet site users are kept the longest and the shortest), used by the Internet browser (eg Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox) and similar.

The cookies are a small set of data sent from the server www.sunnycroatia.net to the user’s computer, and useed as an anonymous identifier. Cookies are also used to make it easier to navigate through the web pages (eg you do not have to re-enter your registration data each time). Cookies are not used with the goal of accessing to user’s data or to track user’s activities after leaving www.sunnycroatia.net

Sunny tours j.d.o.o. reserves the right to use cookies at www.sunnycroatia.net but any user can prohibit receiving cookies by editing / changing settings in their Internet browser.

Contact information, such as your name and email address, is required in case you want to use promotional material services from Max Nautica obrt za usluge Promotional materials are including information of services and special offers and newsletters.

You can disable your service at any time by activating the “Sign out” link at the end of an e-mail or by posting an e-mail deletion request to info@sunnycroatia.net

Sunny tours j.d.o.o. takes all security measures to protect the user’s data during data entry, transfer, data processing, and storage. Access to data is limited and access to this data are having only those employees who are required to do business.

Personal information that is Sunny tours j.d.o.o. the resigned upon registration will be kept during the existence of the website or during the registration period of the user. All data that Sunny tours j.o.o. released when registering on the Internet site, will be destroyed at the latest by extinguishing it.

Users at any time have the right to request information about their personal data processed by Sunny tours j.d.o.o., as well as ask to change those informations or to request to delete the same, by sending a request to info@sunnycroatia.net

In the case of any changes of the Privacy Policy, the notice will be published on the homepage of the web site with the aim of acquainting the user.